HTS VRS Lane Controller

The VRS Lane Controller is an essential real-time hardware communication interface to and from HTS Vehicle Recognition Imaging Units and the HTS Vehicle Recognition System. The VRS Lane Controller processes vehicle information received from the imaging units, such as vehicle identification or device functioning status, and transmits this data to the VRS via WLAN, LAN or Ethernet. The VRS communicates through the lane controller back to the imaging units—delivering information such as configuration instructions or event triggers. The VRS Lane Controller also interfaces to related vehicle hardware and applications, such as gate operation and traffic control systems, Wi-Fi and GPRS solutions. The HTS VRS Lane Controller offers the essential communication relay with remote imaging units.

The device meets the demand of high-speed, high-volume open road vehicle recognition applications such as safe city and enforcement as well as traditional lower volume uses such as access control, critical-site security and management and parking control.

Outstanding price-performance

Supporting many imaging units per controller and requiring only 40 watts of power, the HTS VRS Lane Controller is extremely cost effective.

Size savvy and environmentally conscious

The VRS Lane Controller is available in a small yet ruggedized industrial NEMA-compliant housing for harsh environments, such as outdoor installations. Optionally, an auxiliary cabinet provides additional protection from temperature, weather and other extremely demanding conditions, providing a secure environment and the infrastructure to support all VRS functionality and physical connection requirements.

High availability

The VRS Lane Controller is highly reliable, with built-in redundancy as well as sophisticated diagnostics and maintenance utilities