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Pinnacle Parking Systems, based in South Florida, is a reseller of the most innovative and advanced parking solutions in the industry. Being the very first TIBA Value added Reseller in the US and part of TIBA Parking #Localeverywhere strategy allows Pinnacle Parking to offer a wide range of parking solutions from ticket-based Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems, to touchless, ticketless systems, mobile apps and more, Pinnacle sells, installs and services parking systems for office buildings, hotels, airports, ports, hospitals, cities and private operators. Other offerings include gates, License Plate Recognition Systems, Parking Guidance Systems, EV Stations, Intercoms and CCTV.

Pinnacle has an impeccable reputation for prompt quality service to their customers and work alongside you from “start-to finish”, from the planning and consulting phase, through laying the infrastructure to configuring and installing a tailored parking solution that addresses all the custom needs in your unique facility. Some of their recent, notable, projects include the City of Hollywood, Port of Miami, Palmetto Hospital, Trump Doral and Port Everglades Cruise Terminal.

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South Florida’s
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Parking Systems dealer offers innovative parking solutions for Office Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Cities and Private Operators. TIBA, since 1986, has been providing cutting edge parking equipment with Barcode Technology, Bill Dispensing, License Plate Recognition, Smart Validation Systems, Smart Parks Management Software and more.

Pinnacle Parking

Offers All-Inclusive and In-House Parking Solutions from Sales, Permitting, Infrastructure, Equipment Installation and Uncompromising Service. Need a Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) or other related service? Ask how Pinnacle Parking Systems can customize a solution to meet your parking/mobility needs.

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Yakir Dotan - Property Manager

Looking for a parking system is not an easy process for any building owner or Property Manager. There are many options and variables to consider. There is one statement that I remember from every pitch when we were bidding out our garage. “Don’t worry we have best parking system.” I remember thinking what makes it the best? Do you have staff that will go above and beyond to service our system no matter the day or time? Do you have friendly support that can train me and my team on operating the equipment? What about providing remote user access at my fingertips so that we can operate the equipment no matter where we are? Not every parking equipment system and company are the same. When it came to the best the combination for our garage, we knew that Pinnacle Parking and TIBA were going to be the right choice. They’ve provided our garage with state-of-the-art equipment and revenue controls. It’s incredible that in such a short time the system has paid for itself through minimal downtime and supervision. What truly solidified the relationship for us was the dedication and quality of service we’ve received from Pinnacle Parking Systems. Thanks to them I can now say we have the best parking system in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

Kevin J. Brady - Founder/President/CEO

I trust Pinnacle Parking Systems for their technical expertise across multiple equipment and access platforms. Pinnacle considers each project uniquely and efficiently, by working with the environment, infrastructure, and need in the most cost efficient and customized way. Results matter to them and that matters to my clients.

Chester Escobar - Vice President, Florida and Puerto Rico