License Plate Recognition System

Now with License Plate Recognition (LPR) each vehicle is connected to the parking ticket received upon entering the parking facility.

LPR gives parking managers and operators tight control over all the different populations passing through the parking facility gates, directly resulting in:

  • Increased revenue collection.

  • Increased traffic throughput.

  • Determine exact duration of visit in case of lost ticket.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Efficient carpool management.

  • Reduced CO2 in garage.

Greater Security

  • Decrease fraud attempts

  • Create blacklist of license plate numbers to automatically trigger system alerting the operator via mobile device or control screen

  • Various notifications for security or VIP

Operator Assist Tool

  • Tool to help operator determine action when ticket inserted at the exit station does not match vehicle.

  • Ticket is held in Exit Verifier and customer cannot retrieve ticket or proceed with further action while a message is sent to the operator who gets all the information about ticket and license plate to better inform a decision.

  • Operator can bill violator and close the transaction properly.