Our Parking

Whether you’re replacing existing parking equipment or looking to begin capturing revenue and/or control access, Pinnacle Parking Systems is here to provide you with the best, customized and most efficient parking solution using our “one-stop-shop” approach.

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    Flexible Parking Solutions / Design

    Our understanding of traffic flow, construction and parking technology allow us to present clients with efficient solutions to meet their needs.

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    Engineering & Permit Services

    Through our relationships, Pinnacle Parking Systems provides Engineering Services as required for permitting, infrastructure and system installation.

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    Our sister company, Pinnacle Constructors, LLC, is a State Certified Florida Contractor. This and other affiliations promote the Pinnacle one stop approach through our ability to permit and construct the infrastructure required for a complete system.

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    System Installation

    Setting and Configuring your TIBA Parking and other equipment is made easy with our Well Trained Installation and Technical Personnel.

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    Technical Support & Training

    From Online to Onsite Support and Training Pinnacle Parking Systems provides a fast diagnosis of your system, rapid repairs and continued personnel training.

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    Uncompromising Service

    Our service technicians are among the best in the parking industry with vast knowledge of TIBA and other Parking Products

Our Philosophy

Pinnacle Parking Systems is committed to providing uncompromising service. We work alongside you from “start-to finish”, from the planning and consulting phase, through laying the infrastructure to configuring and installing a tailored parking solution that addresses all the custom needs in your unique facility.

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