The Parker Solution

Parker Technology serves to take your level of service and revenue to the next tier. Parker Technology can be implemented whether you need a call center solution, or a software platform to support an existing call center.

Parker’s flexible software platform puts a dashboard, with facility information, at customer service representatives' fingertips, for efficient call resolution. It also provides real-time call performance data and call recordings, so that you get the valuable insights needed to run your operations more efficiently.

Use Parker Technology in conjunction with your new or existing TIBA PARCS equipment via our API-integrated audio-only or two-way video solution. Your customers deserve a best-in-class experience. That is why we’ve engineered our solution to be easy and intuitive to install or configure.

Our X60 product line is fully integrated with Parker Technology. This has created an improved customer experience for all of TIBA’s customers, by deploying our video and audio-only technology on the X60 platform, as well as relaying data from our platform into TIBA’s.

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Saed Sattel, Managing Member

Doug Tinklepaugh, Managing Member

Patrick Smith, Service and Operations Manager

Merilon Muniz, Sales Manager

Joe Torrizo, Technical Support Specialist

Geoffrey Ireland, Technical Support Specialist

Amanda Mendez, Technical Support Specialist

Alton Chinnery, Technical Support Specialist